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Letters to the Venerable Master | DRBA
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Letters to the Venerable Master

Read letters written to Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

In this centennial year celebrating Master Hua’s life many people have asked how they might take part in an official DRBA event. We suggest that you write a thank you letter to your teacher; put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and tell Master Hua thank you for his influence on your life.

Did you take refuge with him – – is your Dharma-name Guo or Chin? You could write about what you experienced after becoming a Buddhist disciple. Did you hear him explain a sutra and make a connection with the Buddha’s voice and your perspective on life? Write a letter to tell the story and thank him.

Don’t forget to include a story of your connection with him: the more details you include in your letter, the better. Even disciples who may never have met him, second or third generation disciples, can still experience and appreciate his kindness, even in small places.

Master Hua redefined filial respect for the modern age as “recognizing and repaying kindness.” If we recognize the kindness we as disciples have received from Master Hua, writing him a letter to say “thank you” is an opportunity for anybody who can write a letter to take part in this year’s centennial project and practice filiality by repaying it.

If you’d like to write a letter and share your story, please email to the following address:

Pictures are also welcome. We will publish selective letters.

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